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Acredo Technologies Update

You may have read that Acredo Technologies has closed down. This information is not exactly true. There are Twitter and blog reports regarding layoffs which I can confirm. Over the past six months we have seen many startups under pressure. Investment is harder to come by and cash has become more valuable than at any time in my life. This explains why many companies like Acredo have to restructure and either find new investors, sell or find some other way to make it through what is obviously a turbulent financial market.

Mike Ross is the President and CEO of the company and I have a great deal of confidence in his abilities knowing him since his Dialogic/Rhetorex days - decades ago. In addition the company is in the hosted communications space -- an area which continues to grow. One would imagine it has great prospects if it can get through this rough patch of unspecified longevity.

Still, timing and luck are sometimes just as important as skill and Acredo like other companies in the communications and other spaces are looking to adapt to a changing financial world where credit went from free-flowing to very difficult to come by.


Acredo Technologies restructures company with eye on the future

Orlando, FL, March 16, 2009 - Acredo Technologies Inc. announced today that it is restructuring its organization to better capitalize on the opportunities that have appeared as a result of the ongoing economic crisis. This restructuring includes a complete staff resizing and re-prioritizing of marketing and sales strategies.

"A decision of this magnitude is difficult for any company to make, however when faced with the current economic disturbances in the market, a reality check and a reset are extremely important to maintain forward momentum" said Mike Ross, President/CEO. "It is my feeling that it will be the companies that are agile enough to react quickly to the driving forces in the market and respond with products and services that assist business in preserving their own capital that will come out ahead in the long run" said Ross.

"Acredo has begun a restructuring of its Advisory Board, refocusing its business plan and has several capital raising efforts underway to support these new strategies. As we get our new structures in place, I look forward to announcing how our product BASIX™ will be positioned to become a leader in the emerging telecom world", Ross also said.

About Acredo:

Acredo Technologies is an emerging global telephone services company. Our proprietary platform BASIX™ provides businesses the ability to create their own virtual phone system by plugging IP phones into the Internet from any location resulting in the lowest cost of ownership for a business. Our aim is to provide the simplest, and most cost effective telecommunication services to businesses with a focus on unparalleled quality, reliability and service. For more information visit

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