Allergy Attack

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Allergy Attack

OK OK – I know I haven’t blogged yet today and yes I feel guilty. I know your early AM Starbucks is not the same without a healthy dose of technology and possibly sarcasm – depending on my mood. But to be honest my allergies have been acting up and there is just something about seeing snowflakes in Boston and 80 degree weather in Connecticut – within 3 days -- that doesn’t fit in well with my sinus situation.

Fear not however I did take a Claritin which is the new kind of tablet that melts in your mouth with no water. Personally I think it a placebo but the box says it works for a full 24 hours. So far it has been an hour and I am still waiting.

Let’s wait together. I will go to lunch now (fear not it is yet another meeting thinly disguised as a “fun” lunch) and you can read the following if you need a communications “fix” right away:

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