Beatriz Infante Joins Sonus Board - Will it Help?

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Beatriz Infante Joins Sonus Board - Will it Help?

One of the biggest names and of course controversial keynoters TMC has ever had has to be Al Gore who spoke at TMC's Communications Solutions show back in 2001. Just before Vice President Gore took the stage, Beatriz Infante, CEO of Aspect proceeded to give a riveting keynote. I paid as much attention as I could when she spoke but to be honest I was surrounded by secret servicemen and it was quite an usual and somewhat distracting experience.

I take you down this path through memory lane because today Sonus Networks added Beatriz to its board.

In the last few years Sonus has been very quiet, is losing money and it is clear there is a new management team which did not have the deep relationships of the past. It has been a few years where I haven't been able to figure out what the company's strategy is and more importantly the complaints about Sonus from past employees has been greater than I have heard about most others. Granted, the last time I heard complaints was a while back - last year's CTIA show in Vegas.

It goes without saying of course that recent times have been a challenge for all companies relying on carrier CAPEX for a living.

It is also worth pointing out the company's CTO Vikram Saksena was really able to articulate the company's position in the market but he left a short while after my interview with him and went to Tellabs.

I wish the company well - they were instrumental in developing the softswitch market and hope they come out swinging with a solid strategy which is artfully articulated to the market. There have been many rumors regarding Sonus making an acquisition recently and perhaps shoring up the board is a signal we will see a move soon.

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