Bitcoin, Blockchain and FinTech to the Brexit Rescue

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Bitcoin, Blockchain and FinTech to the Brexit Rescue

The One Industry Unaffected by Brexit is Ransomware


It’s undeniable that there is a chance that after seeing Britain leave the EU that the grand experiment of the European Union will go up in smoke. With riots, protests and a financial crisis every few years, it’s hard for anyone who has a memory to argue the EU was a positive step forward. Sure, proponents will argue that the EU has prevented war, but who’s military other than the US, Russia or China these days is really equipped to take over an entire country?

This gets us back to the premise of this article. Pundits are all over TV this morning are explaining how various companies are going to be hurt by what just happened. Primarily banks who won’t be able to easily trade across borders. These of course are the same analysts who told us there would be no Brexit.

Here is one industry though that will have no difficulties at all. Ransomware. Expect hackers to continue operating – with or without a Brexit and what fuels their growth is the use of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as new types of FinTech services will step in to solve many of the problems presented by the British exit. I mentioned this earlier this week in my First Data/Clover/API post – before the vote, when I said Brexit could be very good for tech.

Yes, there will be pain but where there is a challenge, new technology often steps in to solve the problem. When people can’t fly to see each other, they use IP communications – or voice and video over IP. When they have trading issues, we can expect Money over IP to step in to save the day.

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