Day One in Canada

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Day One in Canada

I had an amazingly smooth trip up to Canada considering the weather in New York was stormy when I left. It felt like 40 degree weather with 40+ MPH gusts. Somehow we took off and had a flight that wasn't too turbulent.

We landed without a hitch and I had a chance to see a few companies today. Amazingly and thankfully it was sunny and warm in Canada. How about that?

What shocked me most however is the speed of the 1xRTT network up here. Not only is it expensive -- it is lousy. I had to download voicemail at 6 kbps. Working at this speed by the way should be outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

One person I met with today told me that Rogers will soon roll out EVDO. I didn't get a chance to verify this BTW -- just passing it along.

Thankfully on a positive note -- I ate dinner at the Perspectives Restaurant at the Brookstreet Hotel. Thank you Terry Matthews for building such a nice hotel. I am sure if he didn't build this multi-star shrine, there would be some crappy hotel option. To protect the innocent I won't give examples of chains I prefer not to stay at.

Not that I am really in need of such luxury -- I really care most about fast Internet access and a comfortable bed.

Having said that, I can't describe how good the food is and the menu choices were excellent as well.

Well -- another big day is ahead of me tomorrow so some much needed rest will be taking place. Have a good night and see you tomorrow. If you see fewer blog entries than usual it is because I am instructing the growing TMC editorial team to cover the news as there is only so much 6 kbps blogging torture anyone should endure. ;)

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