E-mail Self Destruct Flag Needed

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E-mail Self Destruct Flag Needed

I desperately need an email self-destruct key. You see, I have many emails
which trigger ideas in my head. I want to write about them for example. The
problem is my eyes are bigger than my blogging time allotment which means I
end up with hundreds of emails I want to blog about but don't get around to.
I wish I could tag such emails with a self-destruct flag.

This would be similar to those Mission Impossible movies where the message
blows up -- just a lot cleaner and neater.

The way it works is as follows. I leave the marked message in my inbox and
set my self-destruct timer to a preset number of days. In my case seven
seems like the ideal number. After that time the email gets deleted or moved
to the deleted folder. In addition, a copy gets placed in my self-destruct
folder for later access if needed.

The benefit is my inbox can always be as empty as possible.

I bet there is a way to simulate this concept with flags and rules but I
haven't delved into that pool as of yet.

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