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IP Communications

Talk About the Ultimate IP Communications Experience

October 11, 2006

As I sit here at ITEXPO in a session I am moderating titled how to make money selling VoIP with a number of resellers from around the world there is an IMS EXPO keynote session kicking off while conference sessions take place nearby.

There is also a SIP trunking session taking place down the hall.

In short it is unfathomable how much is going on at ITEXPO and the content offering is probably 80-90% greater than any prior show. Thankfully conference and show registration is way up as well so it is apparent that this market is growing very nicely.

I have heard talk of other events that have peaked and this sort of talk scares someone like me who is in the event business. My take is events where people come to learn -- events that are truly worthwhile will grow as long as they fulfill a need in the marketplace.

That is as long as new technologies continue to grow and certainly areas like triple-play and IMS are crucial money-makers for service providers and neither is scheduled to slow at any time in the future.

The excitement at this event continues on and I can't wait for the exhibit hall to open later today. I have had numerous comments about how big the hall has become and this is thanks to all of you who are participating in this event.

Brian Metherell speaks at ITEXPO

October 10, 2006

Chalan Aras from Ditech Networks Speaks

October 10, 2006

Chalan spoke today about how Starbucks and Harley Davidson have created an experience out of commodity products. Hey said this during a charismatic keynote at ITEXPO.Chalan mentioned Virgin Mobile is doing the same with mobile technology. Other points he made are IMS is the promise of bringing any service to any device and voice is still the killer app.

The question Chalan posed is how do we find out if customers are satisfied?

ECA Enterprise Market Report

October 10, 2006

Leveraging Open Source Software for VoIP Development

October 10, 2006

TMC University Kicks Off

October 10, 2006

ITEXPO Has Started: Bryan Martin is Speaking

October 10, 2006

RadioHandi in VentureBeat Auction

October 10, 2006

There is a great deal of money out here looking for good deals. Private Equity funds, public companies, private companies – they all seem eager for deals and the latest deal in tech is the Google YouTube deal valued at $1.65 billion in Google stock.

In this world of web 2.0 mashups and communities it is probably not surprising to you that some are looking for a way to build a community site allowing the venture community access to the latest tech deals.

Today, Matt Marshall at VentureBeat is launching a new marketplace for emerging technology deals and radiohandi is the first company to go on the block. If you remember I wrote about radiohandi a while back – the site is the ultimate showcase in community building technology.

Partnering and Metcalfe’s Law

October 9, 2006

You may have had a chance to read my article a while back about Metcalfe’s Law and peering. The article mentions the power of any network increases as a square of the number of nodes on the network.

While this is plainly understood for networks consisting of many fax machines and peering of all sorts it may not be understood in the world of partnering. It seems the more vendors I speak with lately the more partnering I hear about.

This sentiment was reinforced when I saw the news from ITEXPO this week about NetLogic who provides business class VoIP and data partnering with Switchvox a developer of Asterisk-based IP PBX systems. Together the companies will develop next generation VoIP products and services.

And when you think about it the partnership makes sense as one company provides service and the other hardware.

Visiting FaxBack at ITEXPO

October 9, 2006

I got this editorial pitch today for ITEXPO. You know I notice so many companies calling the show incorrectly IP Telephony Conference & Expo instead of Internet Telephony Conference & Expo – actually IP Telephony is a more inclusive term than Internet Telephony. The reason we chose Internet telephony for the name of the magazine and the show was at the time Internet was the pervasive term and IP was unknown. After the bubble burst many people predicted the death of all publications with the term internet in their titles.
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