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Listen, I don’t want to overdo discussion of ITEXPO in my blog but the fact of the matter is this recent e-mail sent by my marketing team is a great document discussing what is important at the show. It is a good guide for you. What to see, where to go, where to be, etc.
You can see below the various aspects of Internet Telephony Conference & Expo which make it unique and the most imitated event in IP communications. And yes, I am aware that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Thanks for the complement.
WHAT:     Workshops at ITEXPO
WHEN:    September 10-12, 2007
WHERE:  Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California
WEB:      www.itexpo.com
Free Workshops for Resellers, Service Providers, Enterprises, SMBs
Dear Colleague,
At most conferences, you can register for a free pass that grants access to exhibits, and perhaps even keynote speeches. But only at ITEXPO can you attend free workshops created specifically to help you stay abreast of the important developments in IP communications solutions.
This is why show after show, ITEXPO is the conference where enterprises, SMBs, resellers and service providers gather to learn and develop partnerships.
Here is a look at the workshops planned for you at ITEXPO in Los Angeles next month. Admission to all workshops except trixbox training is free with your VIP Pass or Reseller Pass Registration.
Ingate’s SIP Trunking Workshop – September 10 – 11, 2007
Free workshop presented by Ingate and their partners. Details here.
Learn how SIP trunking can maximize the ROI from your IP PBX investment in these informative seminars with Ingate Systems. SIP trunking rapidly reduces costs by leveraging SIP, eliminating redundant network connections and by allowing the Internet telephony service provider (ITSP) to handle PSTN termination.
Join Ingate, leading IP PBX vendors, and SIP trunking service providers at INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO. You’ll learn:

  • SIP trunking: benefits, issues, and opportunities
  • How SIP trunking can maximize the Return on Investment for your IP PBX
  • Installation roadmap, solutions for interoperability, etc.
  • An introduction to SIP Trunking service providers, their plans, and requirements
  • A complete tool kit to ease the installation of SIP trunks

— Tracks have been expanded to include topics on SIP architecture and security, issues critical to successful deployments of realtime communications, including VoIP. SIP trunks reduce costs, as they eliminate the need to purchase local PSTN gateways, costly ISDN BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces) or PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces).

Disaster Preparedness Forum — Monday, September 10th
Free workshop presented by the Disaster Preparedness Communication Forum
9:00am – 11:00am

National disasters – hurricanes, tornados, winter storms, – have demonstrated repeatedly that too many companies do not have an effective plan in place to ensure business continuity. However, although major disasters command a lot of attention from the media, they are rare and generally affect a small percentage of the total population. It’s the smaller calamities, such as power outages, fire, or local floods that are far more common and affect ill-prepared businesses every single day.
Today’s technologies allow organizations to plan and implement solutions that are safe, solid, and affordable to ensure continuity of business in the case of a disaster of any size. This 2-hour workshop will focus on the use of converged IP solutions to seamlessly transfer vital functions and back up critical data, preventing loss and minimizing downtime during a business interruption whether caused by nature or man.

Reseller Solutions Day — Monday, September 10th
Free workshops presented by Interactive Intelligence
9:00am — Learn How To Make Money Selling VoIP

Brit Vickner, Strategic Business Development Manager, Interactive Intelligence, along with TMC president Rich Tehrani and ABP president Robert Messer will draw on over 25 years of experience in the telecom market to help you take advantage of the IP communications market explosion. Learn how to “talk-the-talk,” how to bundle services to create more attractive offerings, and how to sell VoIP as an add-on to existing infrastructure.
Rich Tehrani, President and Conference Chairman, TMC
Brit Vickner, Strategic Business Development Manager, Interactive Intelligence
Robert Messer, President, ABP
10:00am — Say Yes! To Unified Communications: It’s Not A Fad!
Speaker: Brit Vickner, Strategic Business Development Manager, Interactive Intelligence
11:00am — The Success Story of How Partners Can Make Money Selling VoIP Using Unified Communications
Speaker: Jeff Devries, Channel Sales Manager, Interactive Intelligence   
Reseller Live! — Monday, September 10th
Free workshop presented by The Enterprise Communications Association
12:30 – 3:15pm — Reseller Live
This session was first introduced at ITEXPO in 2005. Topics cover all aspects of converged IP sales including security, FoIP, hosted services, Software as a Service (SaaS), IP contact center operations and other key subject matter. The session is designed to maximize reseller participation so come prepared with questions for the panelists.
Also covered will be the panelist’s consensus of the Top 5 Reasons to Implement VoIP and the Top 5 Reasons customers may hesitate to implement immediately.
How to Profit from Selling Hosted VoIP in the SMB Market— Tuesday, September 11th
Free workshop presented by Vocalocity
9:30 – 11:00 am
The session will be led by NetZip and Vocalocity co-founder, Phil Hill, who will speak about the skills and techniques needed to effectively close deals in this competitive marketplace.
More businesses than ever are outsourcing their technology purchasing decisions to trusted resellers and solutions providers who can help them take advantage of the global migration to Voice over IP. Offering small businesses an enterprise grade voice solution allows you to enter new market segments, differentiate your product offerings, and stay ahead of the competition in the rapidly moving world of broadband communications.
It is unmistakable that Voice over IP and the hosted model are the future of business telephony. Maximize cash flow with upfront payments and residual commissions paid out for the life of an account. Learn how to choose a total solution partner who provides local, long distance, and toll free networks, a competitive feature set, web-based administration, and marketing and billing support.
Voice Peering Workshop — Wednesday, September 12th
Free for Enterprises and Service Providers – Presented by the Voice Peering Fabric
The Voice Peering Fabric (VPF), the preferred marketplace for carriers and enterprises to exchange voice, video and telephony services, is pleased to organize another distinctive Voice Peering Workshop at ITEXPO West 2007. This workshop brings to ITEXPO attendees a team of experts from the telecom, hardware and software industries. Their business strategies and technical insight will be the answer to your questions and concerns relating to voice/video routing and interconnections. The workshop panel discussions present the state of direct peering, putting you on track to harness the full potential of IP communications.
8:15 am – 9:00 am – Voice Peering 101

Speaker: Hunter Newby, Chief Strategy Officer, The telx Group
9:15 am – 10:00 am – Inside the Voice Peering Fabric (VPF)

Speaker: Shrihari Pandit, President & CEO, Stealth Communications

More then 130 billion minutes of VoIP traffic are flowing through peering arrangements on the VPF annually, bypassing legacy switched networks and correspondent relationships. Discover the elements within that have attracted leading organizations worldwide to participate in this new marketplace:

   * What lies within the core of the peering fabric
   * Where the peering fabric reaches
   * Why the shift of VoIP to a private voice Internet
   * How bi-lateral and multi-lateral (ENUM/SRV) peering relationships function

10:15 am – 11:00 am – Peering and Transcoding with Asterisk on the VPF
Speaker: Kevin Fleming, Director of Software Technologies, Digium

Asterisk is being deployed more often as critical infrastructure in enterprise and carrier networks. This session will focus on how Asterisk can be used to facilitate VoIP peering using industry standards (and Asterisk-specific) protocols including ENUM, SRV, ITAD and DUNDi. In addition, we will also discuss how Asterisk can be deployed as a high-performance ‘transcoding appliance’. Transcoding is often required when connecting calls between peering networks that use common (and not-so-common) voice codec’s.
Fonality trixbox Open Communication Certification (FtOCC)
(FtOCC, pronounced "F-talk") is a 3-day course teaching you the basics of trixbox administration. Designed for those who wish to install trixbox systems for their company or clients, persons tasked with maintaining a trixbox installation, or users relatively new to trixbox that want a better understanding of it’s capabilities. FtOCC focuses on the core operations that an administrator would need to handle on a regular basis.
Who Should Attend?
  • IT Engineers tasked with supporting or implementing an IP PBX
  • System integrators and VARs who want to sell IP PBX systems
  • Phone system resellers looking to move into the IP PBX market
Register Now (fee required).
Informative Keynotes; Invaluable Networking

Besides a great educational experience in the workshops, you can expect first rate
keynotes and networking opportunities that are unrivaled. As the IP communications landscape gets more sophisticated, it is imperative you come to industry conferences to experience everything there is to learn. In addition you are able to network with all the key players and your peers at once, ensuring your education is balanced. The worst thing you can do is make a decision without knowing all of your choices up front.
P.S. Don’t forget that while at the show you could win a new ‘Tricked Out’ Toyota FJ Cruiser or a suite of Apple products, including an iPhone, iMac and Apple TV. Details are posted on the event Web site.
While at the show, please visit the booths of all sponsors:
Diamond Sponsors:
Aculab… www.aculab.com
Cisco… www.cisco.com
Platinum Sponsors:
8×8, Inc… www.8×8.com
AudioCodes… www.audiocodes.com
Comverse… www.comverse.com
Dialogic… www.dialogic.com
Fonality… www.fonality.com
Interactive Intelligence… www.inin.com
Inter-Tel… www.inter-tel.com
Iwatsu… www.iwatsu.com
NETXUSA… www.netxusa.com
Nuvio… www.nuvio.com
Samsung… www.samsung.com
TechData… www.techdata.com
Gold Sponsors:
911Enable… www.911enable.com
AdTran… www.adtran.com
Border Ware… www.borderware.com
Cylogistics… www.cylogistics.com
Dash911… www.dash911.com
Dice… www.dice.com
Dirigisoft… www.dirigisoft.com
Genband… www.genband.com
Global Touch Telecom… www.globaltouchtelecom.com
Grandstream Networks… www.grandstream.com
HBF/911 Services… www.hbfgroup.com
IPGear… www.ipgear.net
IPitomy… www.ipitomy.com
NetSapiens… www.netsapiens.com
Quintum… www.quintum.com
Sangoma Technologies… www.sangoma.com
Sansay… www.sansay.com
SyncVoice… www.syncvoice.com
Vocalocity… www.vocalocitypbx.com

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