IP Communications News January 4, 2007

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IP Communications News January 4, 2007

If you just can't get enough IP communications news then you are a lot like me and I do feel a bit sorry for you.  Either way, there is lots of great news happening in this first short week of the new year.

Some of my favorite news is Vonage settling the AT&T Patent dispute, P&G receiving an award for wireless VoIP and the Simulscribe recognition. Enjoy:

Excel Telecommunications: 2007 a Good Year for SIP Trunking, 2008 Even Better

The Active Network Successfully Acquires Two Event Management Software Companies

Frost & Sullivan: Broadband Telephony Helping to Grow Telecom Market in Brazil

Vonage to Pay AT&T $39M to Settle Patent Suit

The Importance of a Quality VoIP Connection

IP Communications 2007: Looking Back, A Look Ahead With CommuniGate Systems

Procter & Gamble Wins Award for Use of "Polycom" SpectraLink Phone System

Dialogic: Looking Forward to 2008

Pulling Off a Successful Enterprise VoIP Implementation

IP Communications 2007: Looking Back, A Look Ahead With Sangoma

The Advantages of Hosted PBX Functionality

More than 10,000 U.S. Companies Now Subscribing to Packet8 Virtual Office VoIP Service

International Calling: The Year in Review, the Year Ahead

MERA Sees Growing Demand for VoIP

IP Communications: Technology and Applications To Be Key Business Drivers

SimulScribe Recognized for Best Voicemail-to-Text Technology

IP Communications in 2008: SIP Paves the Way

Tilgin Wins "IPTV" Order from Swedish Urban Networks

The Challenges of Managing a Mobile Network

InterCall Partners with Climate Action to Promote Green Technology

Why Packet8's VoIP Services Stand Out from the Rest

Unified Communications and SOA: Delivering Value to Users

Tadiran Telecom Chooses Barry Slyper to Lead its National Sales Team

Peering MashUps

What Cantata Technology Has to Offer

Mu Security to Expand Robustness Analysis.

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