Kanata's Landlord

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Kanata's Landlord

A sidebar to: Sir Terry Matthews

Aside from being a successful serial entrepreneur Terry owns much of Kanata, Ontario and is a major landlord owning seemingly every building in site -- some were sold to Alcatel a few years back. In addition to the buildings he also owns a four diamond hotel which I had a chance to stay in named the BrookStreet Hotel.
The hotel was fantastic and contains a gourmet restaurant with amazing food. Be sure to try the bread and olive oil if you get a chance. The hotel is filled with artwork from local students and to my untrained eye it all looked great. Of course the rooms all had Mitel phones and mine even had one with an AT&T cordless phone. On the Mitel phones their was caller ID with name dialing from room to room meaning I got to see who was calling before I answered the phone. The desks are designed for businesspeople with a funky new age design.
The style might be what would happen if you crossed the Delano Hotel in Miami with a pure business hotel. You get the best of both worlds. Of course your ocean view is replaced with snow but then again you don’t pay Delano’s rates either. :-)
Apparently the hotel I stayed at pales in comparison to the one Terry owns in Wales named the Celtic Manor Resort. Hopefully one day I will get a chance to visit this hotel as well.

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