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Ken Camp is Available

Regular readers of my blog and attendees of TMC expos no doubt know Ken Camp. Ken is very knowledgeable in the field of information technology with special expertise in communications and security. He has written books, articles, spoken at shows and is a recognized thought leader in the blogoshere and beyond.

Ken does all this and is also the State Enterprise Architect for the State of Washington -- with a special focus on security.

Ken has impressed me for a number of reasons and perhaps one of the most amazing things he does is travel to industry events on his own dime. He does this because he seems to truly love the industry, being involved with it and sharing his thoughts with others via his books, internet writings and speaking assignmets.

Having said that, Ken is looking to change roles and I can think of few people who are capable as he is.

Ken has also functioned in an applications support role for over 50 account execs and while I am not able to vouch for his sales skills, I can tell you he has been able to build relationships, write and speak for various organizations in the industry who compete with one another while somehow staying in the good graces of all of them.

If I go on any further you will suspect Ken has paid for this post and he hasn't. In fact I even had to twist his arm (slightly) to even blog about his desire to try his hand at something new.

If you do hire Ken, please make one promise... That you will foot the bill to have him participate in ITEXPO and allow him to write for TMC. :)

Here is Ken's resume.

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