Miss Teen South Carolina

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Miss Teen South Carolina

It is all about the education. Miss Teen South Carolina hit the nail on the head when she said our education system in the United States needs to improve so as she says, US Americans can one day hope to aspire to be as well-educated as the people of Iraq and South Africa. At least I think that is what she said – you may watch the video for yourself and decide. Of course as she reminds us, we need to also include the Asian countries so we can help build up our future.
If you haven’t seen the video, make sure you are sitting down first. You may also want to get drunk before you click play and realize this person is representing 300 million US citizens and probably 30+ million illegal aliens – most of whom have a greater command of the English language than this gorgeous South Carolina native.
Speaking about the US education system… Once you watch this video, you can’t argue that something is obviously lacking.
While I can’t help the US with the “No child left behind” I can help with IP communications education as the most educational conference in the communications space will be held in a few weeks. Of course I am speaking about Internet Telephony Conference & Expo which will be held in Los Angeles, CA, September 10-12th.
If you haven’t made your plans yet, you should be making them now.
Oh, I almost forgot. Miss Teen South Carolina also mentioned most Americans don’t have maps. She is right. To help those of us who may not know how to get to the Los Angeles Convention Center, I have placed a link to this building on Google Maps which you may access here:

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