Mitel and Sun go Green

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Mitel and Sun go Green

In the communications space there are a number of companies that tell us they are green and to be honest, I am sure they are all doing their best to develop applications which are energy efficient. But until every company achieves such lofty goals, there will be some companies which are greener than others.

Case in point is Mitel. I recently had a discussion with Doug Michaelides, the company's vice president of marketing where we discussed the Mitel's alliance with SUN to deliver UC solutions. He pointed out in our meeting that of course UC is a green technology to begin with as it reduces commuting costs.

From there he went on to say a Sun/Mitel UC solution reduces power consumption per person from 90 watts to nine. He did explain that much of this power savings comes from the Sun client but still, an order of magnitude in savings is nothing to sneeze at. Come to think of it… The act of sneezing all that CO2 into the environment isn't very green.

So if you are looking to go UC and do it as environmentally responsibly as possible, you may want to check out the Mitel/Sun combo live and in person. On second thought, stay at home and do it over the web.

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