Polycom at Broadvox Partner Summit

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Polycom at Broadvox Partner Summit

Tim Sisneros of Polycom gave a presentation here at the Broadvox Partner Summit in Dallas, Texas where he discussed the growth of the hosted market. He mentioned how school districts are sending them a near-record number of RFPs for hosted systems. Many are in the 2,000-5,000 user range he said. As you might imagine - he also said the multi-location market is ripe for hosted solutions and the better, faster, cheaper bandwidth options has helped make VoIP quality better. Other reasons for the growth in the market he says are the success of hosted solution vendor BroadSoft, Microsoft OCS and Salesforce.com.


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Great event for the Broadvox Partner Commuinity! Well planned and executed. We look forward to the new partnership and much success with the new product offerings being launched!

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