Sprint Layoffs

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Sprint Layoffs

The bad news keeps flowing for Sprint employees as there are now rumored layoffs coming. Still, with a new CEO, this news is not too surprising. Moreover, for shareholders these cuts will likely be welcomed as sales are slowing and churn is increasing. Sprint desperately needs to do something to make their company and service sexy.

Verizon has the best network from a quality perspective. AT&T has the iPhone. T-Mobile -- well T-Mobile doesn't have that much beyond their GSM compatibility. As a past colleague of mine once said -- their phones work in Europe.

Sprint just needs something sexy. They need a gadget. An exclusive video game or TV playing device that is different enough that people will run out and switch their service to this beleaguered wireless provider.

If something doesn't change consumer perception about the brand soon, I fear we should expect more bad news in the future.

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