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Whaleback Podcast

It's funny, in most other businesses, you wouldn't use the expression "one throat to choke" as a positive but in communications, the complexity of systems has evolved to a point where this expression is not only accepted, it is cherished.

That's all I could think about in fact as I listened to a recent podcast between TMC editorial director Greg Galitzine and Whaleback's Mark Galvin.

During part of the podcast, Galvin explained how his company's VoIP service allows small to medium businesses to take advantage of the services which were once only available to large enterprises.

If you are interested in learning more about hosted VoIP and some of the unique aspects of such services... especially some common pitfalls and solutions , this podcast is certainly worth a listen.

P.S. How often do you get to increase your knowledge of dolphins, whales, VoIP and Orcas by listening to a single podcast?

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