A Testimonial and Thanks

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A Testimonial and Thanks

I received this e-mail testimonial today from Olle Westerberg, CEO of Ingate Systems AB and my first reaction was happiness, satisfaction and then pride followed by gratitude. I will explain each in order.

: There is no better feeling in my opinion than delighting customers. I walked away from ITEXPO this past week with great pride knowing the attendees, conferees and exhibitors all thought this was the best IP communications event they have ever attended. Thankfully many of these testimonials are videotaped and written down. You will see them all soon.

: ITEXPO has been growing nicely for years but this show has been our personal best and we are thrilled about it. The show was launched in 1999 and we experienced some tough years after the telecom meltdown. We are thrilled to be part of the rebirth of IP telephony – commonly referred to as VoIP or IP communications.

: I am lucky enough to have found the best team in the trade show business to work with. But TMC is also the leading media company in IP communications – online, in print and at live events. I can take no credit for this. It all goes to the first class team that works so hard to make everything TMC produces a market leader. Thank you team.

: Without attendees, exhibitors and the first class team I am lucky enough to be surrounded by I would be merely a blogger or perhaps a well-read figure in the IP communications space. So thanks to the TMC team and the thousands of attendees, exhibitors, analysts and members of the press that made this show such a success.


Dear Rich,

Sitting on the plane back to Sweden I am reflecting back on a fantastic
Ingate week at the IT Expo in Fort Lauderdale. Even in our wildest dreams we had not seen a conference room filled to absolute capacity.

People standing at the back. People not getting in the room. Extra
chairs being repeatedly delivered.

Agreed, we had chosen a topic - SIP Trunking - that has hit a cord among
the audience but without the good cooperation with your team and without their marketing efforts this would not have worked out so well.

I would like to congratulate you on having assembled such a great team
and hope you will pass on my gratitude and respect for the work that your team has done for us.

Again, thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Best Regards,

Olle Westerberg
Ingate Systems AB
Box 10013


Thank you Olle and the Ingate team for being part of Internet Telephony Conference & Expo. Without our sponsors, speakers and other people who travel from around the globe to be part of ITEXPO we wouldn’t have an event. We always push to under promise and over deliver. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to do this for your company!

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