Back at the Eden Roc today

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Back at the Eden Roc today

I am back at the Eden Roc today but only because all other gyms in the area are closed. The bar at the hotel has Starbucks coffee and the best bar staff around. The gym staff is hit or miss. Today I will miss again.

The weather was much better than expected but very humid. The bar mitzvah was perhaps the most extravagant party I have ever seen. It was quite amazing.

Surprisingly virtually all the stores in Miami Beach are open today - just not the gyms.

The lobby of this hotel is really nice as you can see from the photo.

I am very surprised at how light my email volume has been. I am sure it will be in full swing again tomorrow.

I was down here for Thanksgiving and South Beach was dead. Today it was quite busy. I am looking forward to going back down there later tonight.

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