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Get a Free iPod Nano

I stopped in the Apple store yesterday and was amazed at how many iPod Nanos they are selling. For the record I was in the Westchester Mall located in White Plains, New York and was tasked with buying a nano as a gift. I stood in line of ten people who almost all purchased Nanos. The devices were stacked neatly under the counter at the checkout of the store.

I reached the counter and said I wanted a Nano. The cashier asked 2 gig or 4 gig. I said. 4. He then said black or white. I said white. Done deal.

I also purchased the companion Bose SoundDock speaker system and was blown away that the Nano is so light and costs almost as much as the much heavier Bose system. I am sure both devices have a hefty mark up but when you carry them in separate shopping bags it seems amazing to pay so much for something so small. I felt like I had just come out of a jewelry store.

I was reminded of my weekend escapades when I read Tom’s
blog mentioning the fact that you can get a free iPod Nano if you sign up for Internet Telephony Conference & Expo by December 2, 2005. That is Friday of this week!

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