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In The Sky

After a delay of just under an hour, we are under way. The plane to Florida has a few empty seats and I am in an exit row and am lucky enough to have no one next to me.

As I sit here, sick of reading and having looked at most of my email at least once, I ponder just how poorly airlines in the US must be doing. After all my seat pictured in blue and to the right is torn and a piece of the seat is just hanging. In addition the handle is ripped off the sun shade.

All this talk of being the richest country in the world is ironic when you fly domestically. Take an international flight and the situation generally improves.

I don't mean to bitch and I am happy to be airborne but I wonder if the day will come when US airlines will be in good enough shape to fix the airplanes. Most of us wouldn't get into taxis as cosmetically challenged as this plane yet once aboard a flight what choice is there?

I heard reports SouthWest would pick up some routes if the US Air/Delta deal goes through. Apparently the larger carrier would be forced to get rid of duplicate routes. While the news could be good for the cost conscious and the planes will likely be newer than average, we still won't get more luxurious international type flights.

Then again, speaking for myself, with a good broadband connection I would be happy to sit on crate.

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