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ITEXPO Special Attractions

There are officially 11 days until Internet Telephony Conference & Expo West 2006 so I thought it made sense to let my readers know everything that is going on at the show. There is just so much fantastic content and the most amazing speaker list we have ever had.

Our biggest challenge at this year’s ITEXPO is the fact that we have more in-depth content than ever before and letting people know about it has become a tremendous challenge. The people who take the time to understand the content offering are truly blown away so I thought a brief summary of many of the exciting things happening at the show would help you understand the magnitude of this event and moreover it is my hope you se this unique content offering as a reason you must get to San Diego to be part of this event.

If I had to describe the education at ITXPO this year I would have to equate it to a full PHD in IP communications in less than week.

Where else can you learn about the quintuple play, SIP trunking, voice peering and so much more under a single roof?

To paraphrase Lee Iacocca, if you can find a conference with a more comprehensive, in-depth and objective content offering, go there.

One final point: After 2 years, ITEXPO remains the only conference program in the communications space with a guarantee.

Here are the details:

First off you should be aware of the new collocated IMS Expo & Call Center 2.0 events. These are conference offerings as well as exhibit areas on the show floor.


Here are some other content areas in list format for easy reading:

New!'s Quintuple Play IP Services Track
Tuesday, October 10 - 12:15-5:00 pm

The Quintuple Play IP Services Track hosted by will address the most compelling issues facing service providers as they roll out any or all of the next gen IP-based services, including Broadband, Mobile, VoIP, IPTV, and Emerging Content.

New! Ingate's SIP Trunking Workshop - Realizing Rapid ROI Today
Wednesday, October 11 - Friday, October 13

SIP trunking rapidly reduces telephony costs by leveraging SIP, eliminating redundant network connections and providing PSTN termination in the local area of the called party.

Attend a free SIP Trunking seminar held with leading IP-PBX vendors and SIP trunking service providers.

New! Disaster Planning Seminar and Workshop
Thursday, October 12, 2006 - 1:00-4:00 pm

Hosted by the Disaster Planning Communications Forum (DPCF), this session will host a selection of rotating panelists to address the most important question for any enterprise - how to avoid a serious interruption of business operations.

Panelists will include application vendors, resellers and managed services providers from the DPCF participating companies.

Audience participation is strongly encouraged so come prepared with questions for the panelists.

New! Voice Peering Workshop
Thursday, October 12

The Voice Peering Forum continues to bring members of the service provider community together with industry experts who are C-level executives and business directors to share their insights on the latest business and technology implementations, while keeping you up to date on current issues and trends.

8:30 - 9:15 am: The State of VoIP Peering 1:00 - 1:45 pm: The Business Case for Voice Peering 2:00 - 2:45 pm: Roundtable Discussion on ENUM, SRV, & LCR 3:00 - 3:45 pm: Transitioning SS7/TCAP and 411 Services to IP 4:00 - 4:45 pm: Voice Peering Hardware & Software Elements

Free for qualified service providers

New! Service Provider Shootout
Unique opportunity to hear service providers offering wholesale, residential and business services discuss opportunities for service providers AND exciting new enhanced services for enterprises and consumers. Panelists include Covad, Packet8, EarthLink, SunRocket, VOX and Global Touch Telecom.

New! IP Communications Business Summit
Tuesday, October 10 -

TMC and The Robins Consulting Group present a unique workshop educating the investment community -- including venture capitalists, investment bankers, financial industry analysts, M&A specialists, and angel investors -- about how to identify attractive IP communications companies.

Admission is free with any registration plan.


Reseller Solutions Day - Wednesday, October 11
There is serious money to be made selling IP equipment AND services.
Always one of the most popular attractions at the conference, Reseller Solutions Day is a workshop educating resellers about the latest IP communications technology - and about how to most effectively sell it to their customers.

Sponsored by Vonexus; Presented in conjunction with the ECA.

"Battle for the Enterprise/SMB" Panel Guides You to Best Solution
Choosing the correct IP PBX for your enterprise/SMB is no small challenge.
With myriad solutions available, some from new players, others from legacy providers, you face so many questions:

 - Whose solution is best for your particular installation?
 - Will the new IP PBX work well with your current infrastructure?
 - Do you need to rip it out and rebuild?
 - What about support, security, and service?

This panel will strive to answer important questions from the audience and give you a unique perspective on what items to consider before selecting a solution that is right for your situation.

You may register at I hope to see you at the show.

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