ITEXPO West 2006 is Over

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ITEXPO West 2006 is Over

The show went very well and I am on the way home. When I got to my seat I found it was located next to the door. There was no seat in front of me so I couldn't keep my laptop bag, food or magazines with me. I knew a flight attendant was going to come and take everything away and store them in the overhead compartment.

Naturally being the complainer I am I called my wife and whined. Unbeknownst to me the couple sittng next to me was listening and asked if I would switch my window seat for their aisle.

To put this in perspective I woke up at 5:30 am this morning, had minimal cofee and for the life of me could not figure out why anyone would want my seat. Perhaps my brain was too tired to understand it. It turns out seat 10A has infinite leg room. Six feet or more in fact. This is something I just didn't appreciate.

Of course I traded leg room for storage space and then realized I would have preferred the window when I was sleeping as I got hit with the drink cart repeatedly.

But I had my magazines so I was happy. A short time later I woke up to hear the ground was soaked by my old seat. Of course this was something that concerned us passengers and many other people nearby started to listen intently to the fight attendant who told us the rain last night in San Diego must have leaked in.

We were all stunned to hear the doors aren't waterproof but it seems the pressure in the cabin keeps them sealed so rain can't leak in.

Here is a photo from my new seat. The flight has been uneventful except for the water incident. I must admit I am as bored as I have ever been. I really enjoyed last week and can't wait for ITEXPO in Ft Lauderdale this January 2007.

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