ITEXPO West 2009 Interviews Part 4

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ITEXPO West 2009 Interviews Part 4

I have said it repeatedly - the way to get the most out of any conference is to not only attend sessions and the exhibit hall but also network with people who can help you. Perhaps they can help you purchase a product or service or even land that lucrative consulting gig. Maybe you are looking for potential customers or partners at the show. Whatever you seek, if it is in the communications space, there is no better place than ITEXPO to find it.

And before the show kicks off this Tuesday, September 1 in Los Angeles I wanted to share the fourth installment of interviews from the show. These interviews provide guidance, allowing you to get a feel for who will be at the show and more importantly, who can help you learn valuable information.rise-voip/articles/63128-dangers-ubiquitous-wireless-networks.htm%20

As a reference, here are interviews, one, two and three.

ChannelVision inc
Acme Packet
Global Capacity
Sipera Systems
Reve Systems
Sagem-Interstar Inc.
Zalmen Ashkenezi
Tandem Transit LLC

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