People I Saw at ITEXPO West 2008

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People I Saw at ITEXPO West 2008

I have had a chance to see so many people yesterday and this morning at ITEXPO -- here are a few photos I took.

Here is Brough Turner -- he is CTO of NMS the company which is in the DSP resource board market and has provided major building blocks which helped open up the telecom market over the decades. The company is to be acquired by Dialogic pending shareholder approval. According to many people at this show the terms should be more than favorable to NMS shareholders.


Andy Abramson was in town for the show and held one of his famous wine dinners which are becoming industry if not world famous at this point.


Art Rosenberg -- the man who coined the term unified communications many years ago was on hand in the press room to discuss the disconnect between where communications needs to be and presently is. One interesting point in our conversation was the increased need to assign tasks with deadlines and be notified if said deadlines are to be missed. In addition, I mentioned to Art, such a system would also need the ability to have deadlines changed on the fly in the cloud. So if I assign an article to an editor on my team which is due Friday, I could change that date to Thursday and the editor would  be notified of this change and their schedule would be automatically updated.


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