Visiting FaxBack at ITEXPO

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Visiting FaxBack at ITEXPO

I got this editorial pitch today for ITEXPO. You know I notice so many companies calling the show incorrectly IP Telephony Conference & Expo instead of Internet Telephony Conference & Expo – actually IP Telephony is a more inclusive term than Internet Telephony. The reason we chose Internet telephony for the name of the magazine and the show was at the time Internet was the pervasive term and IP was unknown. After the bubble burst many people predicted the death of all publications with the term internet in their titles. Thankfully one brand with internet in the title survived. Internet Telephony.

But I didn’t start this blog as a session for reminiscing I wanted to point out that fax vendors seem to being well still. I keep hearing how much business these companies are doing. The mortgage craze in the past few years is one of the reasons. I wonder what the next big growth engine will be for internet fax now that the mortgage market is slowing.

Here is the pitch I received about coming to the FaxBack booth this week at ITEXPO:


Think fax is a thing of the past? With 2.2 trillion minutes of annual long distance and over 35 VoIP hardware companies now selling T.38 fax solutions, demand for VoIP fax is intensifying. Migrating analog fax is no longer an obstacle to a successful VoIP rollout as enterprises and service providers alike are deploying VoIP fax concurrently with converged voice and data networks.

A fax technology leader for nearly 25 years, FaxBack's T.38 NET SAtisFAXtion IP software automates desktop faxing, requires no fax hardware or complex network configurations and leverages VoIP network investments.

Visit FaxBack in Booth #835 at the IP Telephony Conference and Expo and discover how our T.38 VoIP fax products are redefining the fax messaging market.

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