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VoIP Silos

Today Erik Lagerway referenced the VoIP Silos article that Om Malik wrote a while back. I agree 100% as well. Perhaps VoIP peering will allow carriers to interconnect more easily. But just as importantly we need to keep in mind it is in the best interest of companies with large market share to keep their users siloed.

Is it fair for the newer players to have the advantage of coming into the game and adding little yet gaining a great deal? Metcalfe's Law says the value of the network increases exponentially with the number of endpoints or users. Is it not true that a new carrier glomming on to an established VoIP network gets a huge advantage?

Food for thought. These will hopefully be some of the things that will be discussed at the
VoIP Peering Summit in two weeks at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo.

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