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JibJab Budweiser

I received this comment (see below) on a past JibJab post I made a while ago. Apparently the blogger community is up in arms about JibJab selling out to Budweiser. Apparently JibJab promised not to.

My take? So they did. Good for them. They are profiting from excellent creativity and they had a change of heart. Maybe they had kids or someone told them how much college will cost. Perhaps the creators of This Land decided to buy a new house and had sticker shock. People change.

If there is something bloggers should be upset about is how bad this Bud episode is. It isn't creative or funny. But that is just one man's opinion.

Here is the comment on my blog:

Blogging Community outraged by Jib Jab's Budweiser piece! Jib Jab, which became a popular site during the past presidential election has now received a corporate sponsorship from Budweiser.

The blogsphere is upset that they owners of Jib Jab, who clearly stated they would never "sell out" are now working for Bud. Bloggers lash back with the following anti-Jib Jab clip and a slew of online chatter:

Anti-Jib Jab clip: http://www.Jibjaber.com

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