Jobs Go to India

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Jobs Go to India

Half of Silicon Valley's outsourced jobs go to India according to this study.

"Outsourcing as a drain on area jobs seems to have leveled off," said Mario Belotti, the W.M. Keck professor of economics at the Leavey School of Business. "This leveling off is consistent with the latest monthly increases in the county labor force and civilian employment," he added. "Recent gains in both of these economic variables have been somewhat higher than similar gains for the U.S. as a whole."

The survey also gauges business optimism by asking senior managers and executives to compare conditions six months prior to the survey, and to project conditions six months from now. This month the index registered stable numbers for both current optimism and future expectations, with current conditions rated somewhat higher than six months ago (up modestly from 54.42 to 57.25). Future expectations were more modest, with the "forward" index moving from 57.08 to 57.33. Participants were surveyed the week of Sept. 18, during which Hurricane Rita threatened the Gulf Coast and energy related numbers reached near-record highs.

Since February 2002, the SCU Business Index (SCUBI) has asked managers and executives in a wide range of businesses in Silicon Valley to assess their business prospects for the next six months, and compared to the past six months, as well as current and future availability of jobs in their companies. It is managed for the Leavey School of Business by The Survey Company. Complete SCU Business Index results and methodology for August and earlier months can be found at

I can only imagine how much home prices in San Jose would cost if this outsourcing wasn't taking place. New workers in Silicon Valley would literally have to commute from Nevada if prices go much higher.

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