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I must admit, I have never used Linked In for anything useful. I keep getting e-mail invites to join others in their networks. So far I have joined with many people and am not sure what the end-game is. I have heard of others using such social-networking products to get things accomplished. I have yet to try it.

The question is, I have people I haven't seen or heard from in years asking me to join. Do I join with as many people as possible? Is the point similar to he who dies with the most toys (contacts in this case) wins?

Part of me wants to keep this a tight knit circle and the other side of me says one day I may need to call upon my network of associates to help the rid the world of hunger or to build an elevator to space (I think I read about this in BusinessWeek.)

If anyone has insight on what the pros and cons are, please let me know.


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