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Market Strategy and Analytics Partners

You may recall David Yedwab as that articulate analyst that has spoken at past TMC events. Perhaps you have read some of his work. I recently was in touch with him and he told me he sis starting his own consulting business with Paul Robinson called Market Strategy and Analytics Partners, LLC. David said, "Our focus will be on marketing and sales strategy, business plan and case development across the converging infotainment industry."

I asked for details and this is what David sent:

Market Strategy and Analytics Partners' mission is to improve its clients - equipment and software providers, service providers and information intense enterprises - success by focusing on differentiating their offers and operationalizing that differentiation into executable and quantifiable success.

Talk about fitting lots of meaning into a few words. I didn't even know there was a word "operationalizing." ;)

If you are looking for some help along these lines, give David a call (908.879.2835, If you want to hear him speak --check him out at an upcoming TMC event.

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