Effectively Telling Your Product's Story

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Effectively Telling Your Product's Story

One of the most interesting aspects of my career is watching the thousands of companies I have met over the years make it or not make it. For every success like Netflix, eBay, TellMe and Digium there are countless other failures – companies who seem to have a solid technology angle but somehow fail to communicate their message effectively.

I was reminded of this fact when I saw The Carousel from Mad Men. The video above reminds us how technology is not really exciting – neither are new products. What is exciting is how new ideas and solutions are weaved into a story which potential customers will embrace and be passionate about.

This is even more true decades after the above-scene took place because we now have social media which can instantly propel or destroy brands based upon how consumers feel about them.

When you are designing your new products and solutions be mindful of how you will communicate their existence to the market. Remember that the reason you are improving your products is to delight your customers – so they will hear your story, agree with it and in-turn tell it to others who will become new customers.

Quite often it is the story which the prospect remembers and this is what causes them to purchase from you. Remember this when allocating resources, figuring out where to focus and expecting a solid ROI.


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