SEO Webinar: Last Minute Butterflies

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SEO Webinar: Last Minute Butterflies

No matter how many webinars and speaking engagements you do - there always seem to be the last minute butterflies which encourage you to nail your subject matter before presenting. I am going through the slides for my presentation on the webinar titled Practicing Smarter SEO Techniques Through Online Communities which takes place today, July 12th at 2:00 pm EST. Hope to see you then. You can still register here.

This will be the third webinar TMC has done in its online community building series and thank you to the thousands of people who have signed up to learn more about how online community building can generate thought-leadership, improved branding and increased leads and sales.

Also - one final reminder - you don't want to miss Jonathan Allen from Search Engine Watch -  he will add major value to the experience as he is sharp and knowledgeable. This is especially important as there is an insane amount of change taking place in the search space this year. The Google Panda update and Google+ are just two MAJOR changes to the landscape and if you aren't learning via research and webinars - it is tough to see how you can keep up with it all.

If you miss the webinar live - feel free to view the archive by hitting the registration link above.

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