Marriott Denver City Center

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Marriott Denver City Center

This hotel has elicited strong feelings for me. On the one hand this may be one of the best hotels for the business traveler as the internet access is speedy and there are nine electrical outlets available in the wall by the desk. Not including hotels that have power strips in the room this could be a record. It is such a simple amenity but one someone like me not only appreciates but desperately needs.

I also appreciate the water pressure that can double as a therapeutic massage. So many hotels these days have filters on the shower head that render them useless. It's almost as if you are taking a shower with water pressure actually exceeded by the force of gravity.

One of the most important attributes of a hotel is the staff and the people working at the Marriott Denver City Center are among the best around. While I'm thinking about it, make sure to call for your car 15 minutes ahead of time if you valet park.

On the less bright side there is the food in the main hotel restaurant names Allie's American Grille. I am not sure which Allie the restaurant is named after but I have to wonder if Allie lived at a time when the way food tasted wasn't so important. Case in point is the lettuce wraps which I ordered thinking I would see something like PF Chang's famous dish. No such luck, the chicken while tender, was wet, kind of soggy and cold. It also came with cold noodles and other items that weren't really appetizing. The rest of the dinner from the two fish and one chicken entrée we ordered followed suit.
Thankfully I spied a PF Chang less than ten minutes from the hotel and we ended up eating there the next night. Also, breakfast this morning was hotel room service and was flawless and reasonably priced. I had an omelette (surprisingly not a Denver omelette) and oatmeal. In all this is a great hotel if you are a business traveler and go somewhere else for dinner.

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