May 27th Communications and Technology Podcast

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May 27th Communications and Technology Podcast

Lots of great stuff in the latest communications and technology podcast. I had to bow out but am upset that I did as this one seemed quite good. Hopefully I can participate in next week’s edition.

Cisco Galileo

Announced at Speech-World is Galileo from Cisco is a really cool product that allows speech access to e-mail and calendaring. For those of you that remember Wildfire, it is a similar concept but having the Cisco brand behind it should allow it to be more widely purchased and deployed. You can listen to e-mail, respond, check your schedule and do lots of things you can do with you computer but now you can do them remotely with your voice in traffic. may be installing as many as 20,000 seats at Merrill Lynch. Even though this is a big deal for the CRM hosting company it will be less than 1% of total revenue – as quarterly sales are around 60-70 million dollars. There is a battle of wills forming between and Siebel on demand. There is a rumor that Genesys may be porting its technology to the platform as well. This would put more into the call center space.

Microsoft Speech Server

This is more of ASP.Net play announcement where Genesys will port its solution to the Microsoft Speech platform. This will be an opportunity for Microsoft to push more hardware to software. Open platforms and software switching are the future according to Genesys.

Nokia 770

The Nokia 770 has VoIP capabilities because of a third party company that enables this Internet tablet to be SIP enabled. This is not a Tablet computer as it is ARM based not Intel based. It can browse the web do e-mail and some minor office tasks. It costs $350 and is a consumer device. It is Linux based and has 800x600 resolution. The downside to the device is that devices need to have Linux drivers.

Teltel Has Audio

I blogged the fact that Teltel now has audio channels on their soft client (teltel photo) but there is an interesting discussion here. Any service provider can be a broadcast partner.


Podcasts will now be organized by category thanks to a new release from Apple. Great news for us podcast broadcasters and the listening community. Tune in next week for more news on communications and technology!

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