Microsoft Goes Phish

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Microsoft Goes Phish

Thank you Microsoft. I've been accused of being a Microsoft lover and a hater. I am neither... I am an objective observer. Still, I am proud to be living in the same country with a company trying to prosecute phishers via 117 separate civil lawsuits.

Microsoft didn't have to do this. They were under no obligation. Their actions however will help millions if they win the suit and find the phishers. Hopefully they will be successful in their endeavors and the people who dream up these phishing schemes will retire in a cell somewhere while developing deep emotional bonds with their cellmates.

Phishing and related scams are responsible for reducing levels of trust necessary for people to feel comfortable banking and shopping online. Trillions of dollars of commerce are predicated on basic principles of trust and authenticity. When that trust erodes it no doubt leads to lower levels of e-commerce and online banking. I have seen studies confirming this is the case already.

Something needs to be done to stop the people who prey on the unsuspecting. There should be special laws enacted to deal with the people that damage the electronic infrastructure of next-generation commerce. I sign off once again with a thank you to the company that is taking action to stop these criminals. I look forward to governments working more closely together to prevent all types of cybercrime.

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