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More Google TV

As I just wrote about Google TV, I figured I would do a search on Google TV using Google to see what came up. I may be late to the party by there is a pretty neat service called Google Video Search that the company offers allowing you to search for TV shows, episodes and even for local showings of the next episode of your favorite program. I vaguely remember hearing about this when I heard Yahoo! had something similar in the works. Of course it is in Beta like 90% of Google's services. I queried Seinfeld and clicked on the first link which got me to the famous bottle deposit episode-debacle with Kramer and Newman. What is really interesting is that the results are time indexed and you can see a still photo at few minute intervals throughout an episode.

This is how it works:

at 0 seconds
Seinfeld... You're not talking that Michigan Deposit bottle scam, are you? No, no. I'm off that. What's the matter with you? This is the third time I've had to repeat myself. Sorry-- sorry doesn't cut it. Sotheby's is having an auction of JFK's memorabilia. One item in particular has caught my eye. The presidential Golf clubs. I think I might bid on those. You put your groceries under the hood of my car? Now I got to take the car down to Tony and get it checked out. I want to overhaul the entire engine. I still don't know what I'm supposed to do. I don't even know what my assignment is!
at 30 seconds
You've got to go downtown, George. It's all downtown. Just like the song says. The songdowntown? You mean the Petula Clark song? There's your answer. 13,000! 14,000. 15,000! I left the clubs in the car. Where's your car? He's bringing it. Squealing] I've just got a couple of questions for you. Anyone know the student Per teacher ratio in your classroom?

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