Mosquito Magnet 2005

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Mosquito Magnet 2005

I finally got the Mosquito Magnet up and running today. I was really concerned about it getting going as it is about as difficult to start as an old Italian sports car. After charging it for about 18 hours -- six less than I am supposed to, I connected it to the propane tank, first equalizing the pressure of course and pressed the on button. About 15 minutes later the green light came on indicating maximal operation. Success!

I have been seeing more and more documentaries about how many people die from mosquito bourn illnesses and worse, I have a bucket outside the garage and noticed many mosquito larvae swimming around in it last week.

The mosquito population around my house has really decreased in the last couple of years -- even before I got my Mosquito Magnet. This leads me to believe that many of my neighbors have these devices too.

I finally cleaned out the net from last year and found lots of flying insects in it. I suppose many of them are mosquitoes but since they are so shriveled and dehydrated, it is tough to tell. Still, I haven't been bitten since I started using the Magnet so I have to assume it is helping reduce the population of insects around my yard.

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