MS To Thwart Google's Growth Towards a Googolplex

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MS To Thwart Google's Growth Towards a Googolplex

This argument about a single researcher between Microsoft and Google will become the straw that breaks the camel's back IMHO. The tension between these two giants has been building as of late. Bill Gates has mentioned that he thinks Google's stock price is overvalued and it is well known that they see this new upstart whose name was derived from a giant number as a major threat.

From this point on though, it will be all out war between the two companies. I expect to see Microsoft doing everything to slow down Google's primary revenue source -- search.

There will probably be even more amazing search capabilities in future MS operating systems than we currently expect.

People go to Google because it is convenient and the results are accurate. What will happen if Microsoft gives us a more convenient search engine? We might even see the Redmond giant incent users with cash payments for using their search.

I expect to see some wonderful advancements on the part of Microsoft in the upcoming months. It will be tough to dislodge Google's lead however. And of course I don't think Google's R&D will be slowing down any time soon.

Googolplex defined.

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