My Y2K Predictions Trashed

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My Y2K Predictions Trashed

I love the Internet because it is so democratic. What I love even more is that it is a self-documenting mechanism and nothing gets thrown away. I was researching for a blog entry that mentioned Y2K and came across the following site and post where I am personally trashed. I am not only trashed but an entire community of scholars chimed in.

They were all wrong of course. Please enjoy the following correspondence.

One of the recurring themes in mainstream press reporting of Y2K seems to be a sort of blinders approach. Writers or speakers tend to view and expound on the subject from the selfish perspective; how it affects them and never mind anything else. The banker is concerned about the bank and not the grid; the power company spokesman speaks of the grid but knows nothing about water treatment; the insurance person understands the possible effects on that industry but is oblivious to possible problems with chemical plants. My opinion was buttressed this morning after reading an article in CTI magazine by publisher Rich Tehrani. The magazine reports on the computer telephony and call center industries. His column this month is entitled "Why Everyone (but him) IS Wrong." While his writing is pretty good, his approach is that we will spend our way out of the problem, and while he addresses his industry, he completely ignores possible problems and disruptions elsewhere. Link
-- Vic (, March 16, 1999


Hi All,

Rich Tehrani here. Sorry I started all this controversy. I went out on a limb, made a prediction and was 100% right. Not to brag but it takes guts to against the grain on such a potentially catastrophic issue.

Here is the article for your review.

What I see as most interesting about my writing is that I predicted what most every financial analyst said would not happen, a financial boom. While analysts (I am not sure what logic they used) argued that spending would slow and there would be an impending economic doomsday, I again predicted the opposite would happen. I walked the reader through the logic and was correct.

I am not always correct btw but when I go against virtually every expert on the planet and am right, I feel like I should take some credit.

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