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I recently met with a company called NetScout that has some extremely useful network monitoring tools for the world of VoIP. By placing passive probes on the network, they are able to gather data flows and summarize the results in a database for you to analyze as needed. The company tells me they consider their flow recorder as the TiVo for your network. You can imagine how much storage you would need to really have a TiVo on your network -- they tell me their recorder can hold 40 terabytes.

The system can record calls, let you know what happened on your network at 2:00 AM last night, etc. Networks are alive and a single computer can change the dynamic of your data flow and even wreak havoc. It is essential to be able to monitor what is happening on a network carrying voice.

Whereas there are vendors that poll the network at 15 minute intervals, NetScout can get down to single minute intervals allowing increased level of granularity in network inspection. The system also allows for playback of VoIP calls, as well as the ability to see jitter, packet loss, codec use, etc.

Network monitoring and management is essential in VoIP implementations and NetScout is a company worth checking out before you implement VoIP on your network.

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