New TMCnet is Coming

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New TMCnet is Coming

I was just checking out Alexa's home page and found that 45% of all web traffic is accounted for by the top 500 sites in the world. This by the way is out of 18 million total sites Alexa crawla. The top 100,000 sites in the world are responsible for 75% of all web traffic.

TMCnet was recently ranked in the top of 4,000 sites in the world by Alexa and on some days we rank just over 2,000.

Our ranking in this elite group of websites is due to loyal readers like you. We appreciate the millions of people a year that come to TMCnet for news and analysis in communications and technology. As a thank you, we have been toiling over a complete redesign for many months.

We unveil this new site on Monday, July 18th, 2005.

This new site is infinitely more flexible than the old TMCnet and will allow you to use TMCnet as a central resource for all your news on communications and technology. If you are a service provider, enterprise, reseller, developer, government agency or virtually anyone else, this site should serve all of your communications and technology information needs.

I hope to see you surfing on TMCnet in two days.

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