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On Yet Another Plane

I am heading to Miami now. I have been traveling since Tuesday and am glad to be going somewhere warm. I will be visiting some companies at a local call center show and seeing some of the hotels for ITEXPO next year.

On the way down I was looking at the brochure for the Communications Developer show which takes place this May in Silicon Valley. The conference program is the best I have seen for this show.

I wish I had more time to give some opinions on the Cisco/Apple iPhone situation and the Verizon/Vonage patent lawsuit. Regarding Verizon, I am very concerned about large companies who see VoIP as a competitive threat, just suing it into submission. I worry the FCC has left us with a few powerful phone companies who have infinite resources and armies of lawyers with little else to do than to start lawsuits.

I am not saying the lawsuit is not justified. Verizon obviously has the patents. The concern I have has to do with the way our legal system works and how easy it is to get obvious patents. Nowadays if your company is successful you need to have patents to protect against getting sued by others. This doesn't seem to be in the best interest of anyone except lawyers and larger companies.

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