I received this email recently and it certainly speaks for itself. The least I could do is pass it along.
Rich –

You may have heard by now our company has suffered an irretrievable loss through the passing away of Edward Burceag this week in a terrible mountain incident.

Edward was a very good friend and one of the most active Linux evangelists I’ve ever known. Just a week ago, we celebrated his success with the Product of the Year Award that Edward received from TMC.


We are trying to help the family by making it a little easier ( at least financially) to deal with this tragedy.


Can you please help us circulate it in the Telco / Linux community?

Thanks , Eyal



Friends and colleagues unite in support of the family of Eduard Burceag.


Eduard Burceag, Active Voice’s Director of Engineering for Linux-based products, heroically lost his life atop Mount Rainier on the morning of Tuesday, June 10th.  This was a very special place in the hearts of Eduard and his family.


As we all know, this Sunday is Father’s Day. This will be exceptionally difficult for Eduard’s wife and two young sons (ages 3 and 5).


Eduard’s friends and his Active Voice colleagues have established a fund for the surviving members of the Burceag family through Bank of America. This fund provides for the immediate care and long-term education for Eduard’s children.


Donations to the Burceag Family Assistance Fund can be made at any Bank of America branch. For more information on how you can donate to this fund, please contact Bank of America at (206) 585-4825.

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