Asterisk World Comes to ITEXPO

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Asterisk World Comes to ITEXPO

digium-asterisk-world[1].jpgAs a major supporter of open source -- especially in the communications market, I cannot be more thrilled to announce that Digium will be co-hosting Digium/Asterisk World at ITEXPO this February in Miami.

It is well-known that open source companies consider ITEXPO an important event and one where they come to meet service providers, resellers and other companies looking to deploy open-source solutions. This news solidifies TMC's commitment to open source as a solid choice for companies looking to not only purchase today's solutions but to resell and develop tomorrow's breakthrough products.

Mark Spencer, founder and CTO of Digium and original creator of Asterisk had this to say about this news. "Hosting Digium|Asterisk World at ITEXPO East 2009 will allow us to share the vision and power of Asterisk with a broad set of customers who might not be familiar with open source. By giving them their first taste of Asterisk, we empower them to not only save money but to use and create new technologies that never existed before."

For my part, I salute Mark and his company which has brought open source communications so far, so quickly. The entire open source communications market has gained massive credibility due to Digium and the many other pioneers who supported Asterisk over the past years.

As always, all members of the open source community are welcome at all TMC expos and to learn more about this news, please visit the Digium/Asterisk World section of the ITEXPO site.

We looking forward to seeing you all February 2-4 in 2009.

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