Digium Asterisk World Returns to ITEXPO East 2011

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Digium Asterisk World Returns to ITEXPO East 2011

Digium Asterisk World Demo Theater from Past ITEXPO Event in Miami, FL

TMC is thrilled to have Digium Asterisk World return to ITEXPO this February 2-4, 2011 in Miami, FL. Here is a quote from Digium from a press release which just went out today:
 “Hosting Digium|Asterisk World at ITEXPO East 2011 allows us to share the vision and power of Asterisk with a wide community of developers and carriers – even some who are not completely familiar with open source,” said Mark Spencer (News - Alert), CTO and founder of Digium, and the creator of Asterisk. “The upcoming Digium|Asterisk World will help developers, resellers, and anyone interested in Asterisk learn more about the opportunities emerging today. It will provide the hands-on training needed to capitalize on these opportunities,” he continued. 
Years back when I discovered Asterisk - I knew it would become very popular. And when the company came ti ITEXPO in Miami around 2005, I was blown away at how many people mobbed the company's 10x10 booth.

Now, the Digium Asterisk area of the show has become a very successful pavilion which sold out of space twice last year. And attendees are thrilled to come to ITEXPO and learn about the whole communications and tech market while keeping abreast of all things in the open-source space.

Here is a link to Digium Asterisk World for more.

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