Panasonic A500 Wearable Tech Shoots 4K Video

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Panasonic A500 Wearable Tech Shoots 4K Video

Were you wondering how you can shoot 4K video without even having to use your hands? Well, Panasonic has the answer… A wearable 4K camera that straps around the arm and is connected to your head. In situations where you want the world to see what you do, this is one way to do it.

Check out Neymar trying on and using the A500

The Panasonic A500 retails for $399 and includes a level shot image stabilizer and a built-in LCD so you can see what you are filming – I mean recording. In addition it is dustproof and can record 30 minutes of video in 3 meters of water.


The lens weighs 31 grams and the unit comes with NFC and WiFi built-in meaning easy one-touch syncing with your access point. Myriad mounts and cases are available as well as you can see below.

To learn more about wearable tech, be sure to come to Wearable Tech Expo July 23 & 24 in NYC.

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