A Fountain of Inspiration

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A Fountain of Inspiration

Social sharing of video has let the world see a cornucopia of inane and empty moments which provide little more than simple entertainment and cheap humor. Someone falling off a skateboard and losing a shoe apparently has mass appeal. But once in a while a video goes viral and inspires us in ways not thought possible. Much of the world has a celebrity fixation, copying them, reading about them and wanting to be them.

But the real heroes aside from people saving lives, defending a nation, keeping us safe from criminals and fires are often under-reported on. That is why when you see a video of a true hero, someone who looks at unimaginable disabilities and laughs at them, your perspective experiences a wake-up-call.

Check out this video of Nick Vujicic below for more - I won't set it up for you, the details are worth discovering yourself. Learn more here.

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