A Safe Landing on Song

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A Safe Landing on Song

We got back from Orlando this AM and I was blown away at how Song Airlines has altered the behavior of my entire team. Most of us hate flying and have an allegiance to American Airlines. For whatever reason and I assume it is cost-related our travel person booked us on this airline for the first time.

The flight down was flawless and the flight back was even better. We had leather seats and TV and ample leg room. I would have preferred a bit more shoulder room but that is a blog for another time. One last point… When we landed at JFK we waited less than a minute for the door to open. Incredible.

Dave Rodriguez is TMC’s VP of Conferences and he told me something today that would have been considered sacrilegious just a week ago. He thinks we should switch from American to Song as our carrier of choice.

This is a huge deal for Dave as he is fiercely loyal to American. One of the things he likes about American in fact is the ability to manage so many details of the flight via the Internet. Seat assignments, etc. In a way American used technology to build customer loyalty from Dave.

Song one-upped American. You see they offer games on their onboard television/computer system and one of the games is based on trivia. My team of six people took a 7:00 AM flight and none of them slept. They were all playing the game which I hear is quite addictive. The key word is “hear” as I heard them continuously talking as I tried to sleep between their loud outbursts. Next time I may have to sit somewhere else ;-)

Song just used technology to get Dave (and countless others) to switch airlines. Technology is truly a strategic weapon and when used correctly can alter the course of an entire industry. Nice going, Song.

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