Acetaminophen Kills Snakes - Who Knew?

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Acetaminophen Kills Snakes - Who Knew?

As a reptile fan I was surprised I didn't know this fact which could be very useful the next time you play Trivial Pursuit - Geek Edition. In turns out acetaminophen kills snakes and moreover the U.S. Department of Agriculture is bombing the island of Guam with drugged frozen mice to rid the island of brown tree snakes which are venomous and grow quite large - ten feet long in fact.

You realize this means there is a person somewhere whose job it is to feed Tylenol to mice?

Turns out the mice will be outfitted with wings and streamers - in an effort to get them caught in tree branches so the snakes will quickly dine on them and die.

No word yet from PETA on all of this but expect them to have Pam Anderson covered in frozen mouse fur in an upcoming issue of your favorite magazine in protest.

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