Boring Apprentice, Nescafe

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Boring Apprentice, Nescafe

I can’t fathom how boring a TV show could be. Last night marked the worst apprentice I have ever seen. Neither group did anything interesting and the task last night of promoting Nescafe Coffee was fairly similar to the toothpaste (was it Crest Whitening Expressions) assignment from a while back.

Sadly, the performance on this event didn’t even measure up to the “toothpaste” episode. To make matters worse, who chose this Danny guy? Where did he come from and how could any business hire him in reality? On the other hand he makes a superb guidance counselor, teacher, social worker, charity worker and that’s about it.

Then there is Michael… Other than the episode where one of them fell asleep (was it Sam?) I have yet to see anyone so lazy. If Danny wanted to win this episode, he should have fired Michael. With his mellow, soft-spoken personality the only way to get the Donald behind him as a leader was to fire someone quickly and Michael certainly deserved it. Of course I am not sure what the rules are on firing someone but Donald suggested that Quami fire Omarosa a while back.

I get the feeling the next episodes will be better because the dead wood has floated to the top (did I mention one of them quit last night – I believe Verna).

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